Feldman and the Infinite   [play; writer / director]

In 1975, Feldman, a 58-year-old lawyer in New York City, was discovered to have stolen 15,000 books from the New York Public Library.  He had rented two or three apartments in the West Village specifically to store these books, and it took 20 men, 7 truckloads over 3 days to remove them all. Feldman and the Infinite is a play that ultimately invents Feldman’s motives, and speculates about the universality of his quest - seeking knowledge and enlightenment, and finding what appears to be randomness and chaos.

Two-act play written and directed by Erika Mijlin
Excerpt from Act 1: New York City, September 1975.
Documentation of performance, Philadelphia, September 2008.
Featuring Jerry Perna and Ted Borodaeff