Recent Work

greatest hits

A video essay on what happens to our technologies when they reach their moment of obsolescence - using found material from YouTube, particularly of people smashing or destroying their obsolete technology, 'greatest hits' asks questions about what we value in our machines, what life we imbue them with, what life cycle they have, as physical and economic objects. 

The excerpt embedded here is a kind of prologue, or part one of a series.

echo / archive
trailer for video / dance / multimedia performance,
commissioned by EMPAC (Experimental Media and Performing Arts Center, Troy, NY), premiered 2018
collaboration with Elena Demyanenko

echo/archive is a dialogue between female dance/movement artists of different aesthetic genealogies – women who bookend a generation of dance history. This three-part, multimedia work, decodes how various dance legacies coexist in the bodily tissue and cellular memory.

By putting herself in both live and mediated interaction with iconic/mentor figures such as Eva Karczag, Jodi Melnick and Dana Reitz, Elena Demyanenko underscores the intersecting influences and traces in the body’s archived history, its priorities and values.

echo/archive is an assemblage of asymmetrical portraits and fractured narratives that aggregate through the polyrhythmic organization of video, light, and live performance.

Notes on Facts
video / talk

What is the basic unit of the classical documentary project - what is the atom in that molecule? If it is the Fact, the Real, might we yet understand them better?  Documentary, as a project of Knowing, preoccupies itself with the Real, with Fact - whether structurally, metaphorically, figuratively, or quite literally.  Today, when the very notion of Fact has become amorphous, what can be built out of it? What forms - aesthetic, communicative, etc - continue to emerge to redefine our relationship to the factual?

The excerpt embedded here was also presented as part of a talk at Poetics and Politics Symposium, UC Santa Cruz, 2015.